Federica Manfredini

A poet engaged since the 1980ies in a progressive constant reseach of "aggregation-disgregation of the word, to recreate different realities in writing, in visual poetry and in sound poetry. Almost all her poetry production takes the form of visual components and appears to be aimed at sound development for performance and recording. She has very often composed wisual scores as leading tracks for the performance.
In parallel her research extended in the visual field to find an expression with more material elements on bases of canvas and paper. She produced many object books and took part enthusiastically in many operations of Mail art and international visual poetry and has contributed to Italian and foreign magazines.
Born at Ferrara on 16th July 1949 she died in August 1997 in Australia.

Her main creations of Sound Poetry
"DISINTEGRATION /and then what?, a radioplay broadcast in 1982 in the RAI program Audiobox.
"Audio" Stockholm '83- "Audio Child" Amsterdam '83
3vitre n° 6" a sound anthology, '84 Cento
"Italian Sound Poetry" 1992 Baobab, Reggio Emilia
"Post Sound" Cork, Eire '93.
She is represented in the cassettes of Paté de Voix n° 7 and 9, in athology, n° 8 personal, n° 9 in anthology (Turin '92 '97 '98)
She is included in the two CD soon to be published, edited by Lora-Totino.
Her performances in various locations were numerous since the beginning of the 1980ies.
Every one of her exhibitions or settings was accompanied by the performance of one of her shows.
The record of her activity includes performances at the Art Studio of Ponte Nossa in 1984, at Bondeno, at Ferrara on various occasions, at the Emporium of Contemporary Art at Ivrea in '87. She took part in "Rendez-vous" at Villorba '89, at the Gallery of Women of Turin she exhibited and carried out performances in 1988, in '91, in '96 and in '97. In Turin she was present also at the Zenit in '91 and at the Hiroshima in the "Poetechne" review in '88 ; then in '95 at the Circolo Euterpe at Chieri and at the "Poetry Drawing-room " of Castellamonte (Turin) , in Bologna at the meeting point "Il Graffio" in '95 and in other cultural meeting points, in Foggia at the associztion "La Merlettaia" in '96 and '97 and at the Laboratory for Visual Arts in '93.

A more complete record of the work of Federica Manfredini is being prepared.